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What To Do When Someone Copies Your Work (part 2)

September 25, 2019

Welcome to part two of our creating authentic art conversation: What do you do when someone COPIES your work? 


I'm coming to you from Europe today but before we begin this episode, go download the FREE GUIDE TO SELL YOUR OWN WORK.

“How to Sell Art Online”

This guide is going to make the whole process of bringing your work to the world clear and inspiring.


Two weeks ago we talked about ways to create authentic art that is pure and from YOUR inspiration



Before we dive into this too far, we need to lay a foundation:  EVERYTHING IS A REMIX

Everything builds on something that came before.

Acknowledge the massive amount of inspiration that went into the formation, creation, and execution of your own work.

You and I are part of a long, long lineage of artists building on ideas and working within mediums.

What an honor!



Thoughts travel at the speed of light in our connected world

If your ideas are good, and if you share them (which you should) they WILL travel around at lightning speed and they WILL inspire others.


If your ideas are resonating with you, chances are they will also resonate with something else


This often leads to purchases and buyers and collectors

But it can (and probably will) mean that you also inspire other creatives.




In order to make any measurable impact on the creative landscape your work WILL impact others


We’re all inspiring each other all the time, and if that includes you and your work, it means your doing something really meaningful.


The collective unconscious has become the collective CONSCIOUS as we become more and more interconnected



Ok, but don’t miss hear me:

I’m not saying “if people copy your work you should be thrilled!”  No…. not exactly. 


As the creator of your work you are also in charge of protecting your work.


This is not an act of selfishness or fear.

This is an act of valuing and honoring your work and asking others to do the same. 


Don’t hide your work feel the need to keep it behind a tall wall.  The energy in your work wants to be shared.  It wants to be seen and loved and a source of light to others. 

Keeping it behind closed doors or hiding it behind a giant watermarked image doesn’t allow it to sing.




If you don’t stand up for the integrity of your work who will?

If you don’t preserve the value and preciousness of your work then who will?

Especially if you are a fine artist or an independent designer… the value of your work is your lifeline - and by proxy, your creative work’s lifeline (if you feel stolen from and abused your work suffers most of all).


Innovate.  Always.


In the episode, we talk about practical ways to talk with people who are "copying" your work -- give it a listen if this is a subject that impacts your work. 



Emily Jeffords




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