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MHN on Share Vulnerably & GROWING Because of It — with Morgan Harper Nichols

MHN on Share Vulnerably & GROWING Because of It — with Morgan Harper Nichols

May 3, 2021

I have a VERY special episode for you today: a conversation with Morgan Harper Nichols.  Morgan is a writer, artist, poet, singer, and SO much more. She is deeply generous with both her art and in this podcast conversation.  

If you want to see Morgan's work, head here to go to her website, shop, and Instagram

Morgan recommended a song called "Constellations" by Brenden James which you can find here.


Go follow and say "HI" to Morgan -- she really generously showed up for this sweet community during a season that was especially tiring and I'm so grateful for that. 


And join The Collective!  This space is designed to enable Artists to thrive.  Your business is ready for growth. YOU are ready for growth.  Let's grow faster and more beautifully together!



The Artist's Path to Success workshop is available until tomorrow night (May 4th) as well!  It's totally free so go tune in today!

xo, Emily

The Artist’s Path to Success! Welcome to Season 5

The Artist’s Path to Success! Welcome to Season 5

April 29, 2021

Let’s cut right to the chase.  We’re here because running a creative business can be confusing.


We fill our studios with stacks of work, our hearts with big dreams, but are offered NO direction when it comes to turning those big dreams into a career.  

But NOT anymore.  We have big dreams for our creative work and -- GOOD NEWS -- they are valid and totally attainable.  


Inside of this episode (which is WAY MORE like a workshop -- get your notebook out), we're going to walk through the exact steps needed to grow your BUSINESS.




Let's take a look at The Artist’s Path to Success



Ground yourself in creativity. Dedicate your energy to pursuing art. Develop your signature style and vision. Profit: <$



Offer your work to the world. Make sales and feel pride in that process. Dip your toe into thoughtful marketing. Profit: $



Establish your passion as a business and begin treating it as such. Move into profitability and expansion through purposeful marketing and business moves.

Profit: $$



Maintain your now complex business. Consider new opportunities coming your way. Engage with your devoted audience. Expand mindfully, and let yourself play.

Profit: $$$



Recognize that your work is impactful and your vision is vast. Collaborate and grow your team. Profit: $$$$

Level Up!  Level Up!  🥰  Evaluate, Share, and Elevate!

Level Up! Level Up! 🥰 Evaluate, Share, and Elevate!

February 24, 2021

Making Art Work is open through tomorrow!  Join us if you're ready for some massive growth in 2021


But first, let's take it back.  In 2010 when I officially began my fine art career I did NOT have an aspirational brand. I didn’t even know I had a brand (though, yes, I did — we all do). I was deeply undervaluing my work, my voice, my efforts, and, in doing so, I was also undervaluing my collectors.

Think about it this way — if someone buys something for their home or themselves, they want to enjoy that thing. It matters to them.  They find pleasure in it. 

In order to enjoy something, we have to VALUE it.

When you know what you create and WHY it matters, you can easily and naturally share that love with your audience.

So HOW do you elevate your work?
Head consistently in the right direction.

Know WHY you create and why that matters

Understand your works value and aesthetic merits

Recognize the overall impact your work is creating as a whole (this is your brand)

Consistently raise your expectations for what your work can be in the world.


I began my business by selling a $1 painting. I grew from that deeply undervalued place to a creative practice with collectors on every continent, consistently sold-out collections, and a practice that offers me financial and emotional freedom.


Sharing, writing, and talking about your work is never truly easy. It is a vulnerable act of bravery! But, without that bravery, your work is mute. Your work is hidden. And that’s not what it was designed for!

With your why and your vision in mind, think of how to translate that to the world. If this feels overwhelming right now, DON’T WORRY. This is the focus of Making Art Work and I will coach you through this process.

View your brand from the outside.  How does your work objectively feel to your ideal customer or collector?

When you share your work with your audience online is your work being elevated and valued?
How about in-person?

There are ALWAYS ways to continually elevate and build-up, and REFINE your work, marketing, and presentation. This is a good thing! It means you get to keep creating and refining!

As you go through this process, don't be too hard on yourself.  Remember, you are just finding paces to play inside your business!
When needed, give yourself a COMPLIMENT SANDWICH. (it works on others and it works on yourself)

  • Give yourself a two compliments + with an improvement in the middle


Remember, sustainability = satisfaction + progress. If you don’t find joy in your work you are going to be burnt out.


Making Art Work is open through tomorrow!  Join us if you're ready for some massive growth in 2021


“Eeew… I Have a What?”  Yep!  You have a BRAND

“Eeew… I Have a What?” Yep! You have a BRAND

February 17, 2021

Let me see if I've got this right:
You create good work (check!)
You know your buyers are out there (somewhere…?)
You know you can sell your work more effectively, but there's something missing. Something isn't working quite right yet, but you can't quite put your finger on it.

I'm going to say a dirty word. You ready?

It's your BRAND.

Yep. You. You have a brand.
I know… It's weird. And feels gross at first.
And also kind of fancy!

BUT, hear me out!

Let's talk about what a brand is before we get all bristly and closed off. A brand is far more than a logo. It is far more than your website. It's not your icons, graphics, images, the tiny alligator on your shirt, the label in your coat…

Your brand is the feeling people experience when they come in contact with your work. How cool is that! Now, allllll the things mentioned above absolutely matter and help to convey your brand, but they are not the brand.

In fact, your brand is anything but stuffy or snobby or slimy. Your brand is beautiful

And now that you know you have a brand, we can work to make it so much more impactful and meaningful!


And now, GO CREATE A BRAND MOOD BOARD!  You can share it in our private Facebook Group too! 


MAKING ART WORK is opening tomorrow!  Check out all the course details and goodness here.  Is it right for you?  Feel free to reach out with any questions! 

THIS IS A GOOD ONE — Sharing Your Vision With Your Audience

THIS IS A GOOD ONE — Sharing Your Vision With Your Audience

February 16, 2021

What does it mean to share your vision with your audience?  

How can you trust that your art can speak clearly and effectively in the world?

How can you build up your work so that it is VALUED by the right people?

  1. Get clear on why your work matters to you
  2. Look at your work from the outside — is it speaking in the way you intend?
  3. Learn to convey that value to others
  4. Define who your ideal audience is and where they feel most comfortable
  5. Use empathy to share your work effectively

This episode is long, but I recommend grabbing a notebook and settling in!  We uncover SO MUCH mindset work and practical advice for you as you GROW.


Making Art Work -- a 12-week course design to help your creative career THRIVE

Share the Work Video Series -- a free mini-course

Download the free work page for this episode 


Want to WATCH this episode?  You can!  Click here to see me live in my studio!  CLICK HERE



Clarify Your Vision + Why Your Work Matters (the Heart of a Successful Creative Career)

Clarify Your Vision + Why Your Work Matters (the Heart of a Successful Creative Career)

February 15, 2021

Today is the first day in the Share the Work Challenge!  5 days of LIVE training (recapped here on the podcast) to help you create a firm foundation for your creative business.


Day one: Clarify your vision and why your work matters
Day two: Conveying that value to your audience
Day three: Up-level your brand vision 
Day four: Evaluate + Share + Elevate + Repeat  -- And Making Art Work OPENS!  Woohoo!
Day five: Do a beautiful, brave thing!


Today we're taking it back to the heart and soul of the matter - Why does your creative work matter TO YOU?  Why do you show up in the studio?  What meaning is your work bringing into your life?  

When you deeply understand that your work is worthy you begin to treat it differently. You begin to elevate it.

When your work is elevated you VALUE YOUR WORK
And then your audience can also VALUE YOUR WORK.


Download the worksheet for today's prompts here.

And join the LIVE Share the Work trainings here.  I'll be live each day this week at noon eastern time! 


Five Lies Creatives Often Believe (and Why You Will Succeed If You Don’t!)

Five Lies Creatives Often Believe (and Why You Will Succeed If You Don’t!)

February 12, 2021

There are a lot of lies that rattle around our heads and sink into our hearts -- some are chosen (limiting beliefs we think will keep us safe), some are given to us. 

In this video, we dispel these common lies so fast and so completely that their hold on our community will be massively diminished.  


Before we dive in, here are a few links you might want!

Join the Share the Work CHALLENGE!  It's happening here and in Facebook!  Facebook will be the home-base for the content, but I'll also be sharing the prompts here as well.  



Want some extra-pretty graphics and images to share on your IG Story?  
Here ya go!



Ok, and with that, let's start busting some lies!


Lie No. 1:
Your worth as a human is directly tied to the success of your work

Nope.  Don't listen to this sneaky, toxic lie.  You are always worthy and beautiful. The success of your work does not play any part in your value, however, I understand why it might feel that way at times. Let’s get to the heart of THAT longing: You want your work to be valued. And it hurts when it’s not. I get it.

And again, let’s get to the heart of the issue:

Any lack of “success” you might be feeling in your work can be very strategically tied to one of three things

An issue with the offer
Is the work good?
Is it resonating with your viewer?
Does it resonate with you?
go back to episode 2 and listen with your whole heart if you sense this might be the issue)

An issue with your AUDIENCE

Are there enough eyes on your work?
Are they the right eyes?
If this area is the issue, work to get your art in front of your idea collectors!

An issue with your marketing

Are you speaking to them in a way that inspires them?
Is the messaging around it effective?
Are your calls to action inspiring and attractive?
If this is the area is the issue, then go back to the 4th video and massive up-level you marketing! You are the best representative your artwork will ever have in this world. Allow your work to the radiant.

Lie No. 2: The artworld is too noisy and my work will not be seen

What makes you different?
The fact that the art world is getting busier is a GOOD THING for creatives
We are reshaping culture — the more artists thriving and active online and offline, the more comfortable and receptive the collector community will be!

Lie No. 3: My creative work could never fund my lifestyle anyways

Back it up: How much money do you need to live? 40k? 100k? 200k?
How many pieces of art or designs or products do you need to create to meet that goal?  Break your year down into seasons - how much do you need to create in order to meet your income goals each season

Download The Artist's Year of Growth and simply work out the math, glad the goals, and let your gorgeous work do the rest!


Lie No. 4: My audience is tired of seeing what I’m making
Then why are they following you?
My audience is following me BECAUSE they want to see what I’m creating
How are they showing up when you share your work online and in-person?
They are freaking in love with you!


Lie No. 5: This isn’t dependable
The main reason this lie get’s into our hearts is because we are unsure if we can depend on ourselves.


Once you learn to trust yourself, your inspiration, your habits, and your goals, you are able to trust your audience as well.  They’re here for you — but they want you to lead them into a more beautiful path.  SHOW UP FOR YOURSELF but also SHOW UP FOR THEM



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The 5 Ways I would Market My Work If I Could ONLY Choose 5.  From Share the Work

The 5 Ways I would Market My Work If I Could ONLY Choose 5. From Share the Work

February 11, 2021

Welcome back to the Share the Work Series!

Welcome back!  Want to WATCH this podcast episode?  Well, you can!  


So far we’ve talked about The 3 things you must know to sell art online, how to know if your art is worth selling, and TODAY, I’m sharing 5 super practical, actionable tips that you can use to support your work in the world.

Marketing your art in 2021 is very different than marketing in 2010, 1980, 1800, 1600...  We have had to evolve exponentially as Creative Entrepreneurs.  We have SO much freedom and creative control over our work and careers.  The ability to meet collectors on our own -- the ability to grow and expand our work as we would like...  it's all very exciting!


Wondering where you can go to meet all these amazing, elusive collectors? 

Let's talk about marketing your work in 2021!   


If I were to choose only 5 areas to market, it would be these:


Email Marketing

Make your studio list a vibrant and exciting place.  Share behind the scenes, your inspiration, offer a peek inside your studio, stories, and insights...  This is an intimate space! 

Create a “studio email list” of people that are interested in you + your work

Nurture those people with a beautiful “welcome sequence” — a collection of 2-10 emails that are automatically sent to your subscribers sharing:

Send early access to artwork or collections


Show up on Instagram as a fine artist

Understand why you are there and why you are posting.

Share your work beautifully and consistently: photograph it well (more on this in the Share the Work Challenge — then a LOT more in MAW)

Share your work regularly (1/6 at least)



Pinterest is one of the VERY best places to share your work as a visual creative!

Pins tend to mature over age and offer benefits to your work 1-12 months after they are pinned.

Pinterest ads are also something to consider if you're ready to invest some $$ and thought into marketing.

Pin your work directly to Pinterest from the listing or blog post.  Also, pin your Instagram posts!  Why not reuse that glorious content?


Work with designers

Reach out to designers in your local community and offer them a trade discount (10-20% off).  You can also request or barter for amazing photographs!  

I didn't mention this in the video, but you can also with designers to rent your artwork for staged homes.  Some wonderful passive income!  

Commercial designers: restaurants, offices, hotels...


Go Offline

Find ways to share your work OFF the internet (art shows, galleries, craft fairs...) as we are able moving forward in 2021. 

One in-person meeting is worth at least 10 online meetings.  Be warm, welcoming, intentional, and get ready to welcome new people into your community!

I hope this video has spurred so many ideas and points of clarity.  


If you have enjoyed the Share The Work series, please take a moment to share it on IG!  



I've put together a beautiful bundle of images and graphics for you!  Check it out here. 

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How To Know If Your Art is Good… From Share the Work — with Emily Jeffords

How To Know If Your Art is Good… From Share the Work — with Emily Jeffords

February 10, 2021

How do you know if your work is "worth selling"?  In this video, I break down exactly how I evaluate my work, my collections, and my voice in the world.  

While this title might sound intimidating, keep listening!  I think you're going to find that your creativity WANTS TO REWARD YOU.  It wants you to be successful.  It wants to live boldly and beautifully in the world.  


10 tips for evaluating your work

  1. Does it resonate with you?
  2. Does the concept excite you?
  3. Can you sit with it in peace for a few moments?
  4. Did it feel good to create on an emotional and physical level?
  5. Did you enjoy the creative process?
  6. Were your motives pure in the creation phase?  If you are creating from a place of peace and abundance, the work will reflect that.
  7. Do you enjoy living around the work? If I can spend time with the work then I am proud to sell it
  8. Does it feel true to your vision, worldview, and voice?
  9. With all the history you have accumulated as an observer, how does this match up? Is it a rough first attempt? Is it a masterpiece? Something in the middle?
  10. Does it feel different from everything else you've seen?  We’re all drawing from the same big, beautiful pot of inspiration. However, draw upon that inspiration from your own perspective.  Pursue originality! It is worth the struggle, learning curve, and the pursuit of purity!



 I would love to hear how you have taken risks in your studio!  Some days, just showing up feels risky enough -- other days creating something new or larger or a different subject matter can feel like a heroic act.  ;) 


Need more support as you grow your creative work AND your creative business?  Making Art Work opens on the 18th!  

"This course [Making Art Work] was so unbelievably comprehensive, it really didn’t miss the mark on anything. My website is new and stunning and I feel like I have all the tools to kickstart this adventure immediately. In fact, a few weeks into the course I decided to quit my day job. Thanks to the course I have a plan and I’m feeling confident in myself in a way I never did before." -- Maria Wigge


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Share The Work // Three Things You Need to Know to Sell Art

Share The Work // Three Things You Need to Know to Sell Art

February 9, 2021

Welcome back!  Want to WATCH this podcast episode?  Well, you can!  


Today we're taking our very first step into creating a Creative Brand and Career that is elevated, thoughtful, and totally, completely ATTRACTIVE.


Whether this is your first month as a "Creative Entrepreneur" or your 20th year, this video will offer you space to contemplate your work, your brand, and your vision so that you can refine everything.  



1. Your website is your gallery, but start simple. Less is more and the most important thing is that you share your gorgeous work with the world. Don’t let a website hold you back (that’s what MAW is for — hint hint)

2. Your collectors won’t find you unless you invite them into your space (marketing your website, social presence, art shows, craft fairs, gallery shows, email marketing… use your compelling storytelling, showing up on behalf of your work because it is worth your support and love).

3. Your work will only be attractive if you are actively attracting people to your work (clarifying your story, brand vibe + aesthetic)


Spend some time with these three areas of your business (and yes, if you are an artist who hopes to sell her work, you absolutely have a business.  Don't let that shiny word intimidate you!) 


Consider each area individually and fine one place that needs a little refinement:

  • Your work's presence in the world (via your website, art shows, IG, Etsy... wherever you share your work) 
  • Your marketing efforts (no one will find your work unless you actively invite them to do so).
  • The attractiveness of your work.  And I don't mean "prettiness" -- I mean how well is your work aligning with your vision?  And is your vision aligning with your collectors and buyers?  


This is a short video, but it is FULL of ideas that can change everything for you and for your career!  They certainly have changed my life!


Come back tomorrow!  We're discussing how you know when your art is "good".  I'll share some honest and thoughtful tips for evaluating your work and building your business around the pieces that truly SHINE.



Join the Share The Work Facebook group!  It's a hoppin' place full of amazing Creatives and Artists! 




I've put together a beautiful bundle of images and graphics for you!  Check it out here. 



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