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Come Into The Studio: Inside the “Quite Adventure” Collection

Come Into The Studio: Inside the “Quite Adventure” Collection

August 7, 2020

Visit the collection at


Step into the studio for a bit.  Let's catch up and talk about the new collection of artwork I have created, "Quiet Adventure".   In this episode, I share my process and favorite methods to create and release a collection of artwork. 


This body of work came together slowly and gently, a form of meditation and healing over the past 20+ months.  There are paintings in this collection I worked on as my baby was crawling around my feet, others I created as a refuge from my own home as we shelter-in-place.  This body of work was created selfishly as an act of self-care, but it is also for you.  I hope the theme of love and adventure and peace fill you too. 


"Quiet Adventure"


I walked through a field. 

It was new to me, but I knew it already.

The earth smelled like childhood.

The grasses clung to my bare feet in familiar ways.

The only thing unknown was the landscape.  


She was vast and led to places I have not been.

Adventure, we call it.


But in the unknowing is a deep self-knowing.  

Trust in my body.  Trust in my mind.  

Trust in the bravery I have shown.  

Knowing that I will be brave again.


Even when the landscape unnerves me

with the edges she is asking me to explore.

Even when Adventure wraps itself in unfamiliar foliage.


I step outside of my mind

and the endlessness of my concerns

to focus on each footfall.


Small blooms to be avoided (they are too pretty to squish).

A deep hole just the right size for a snake.

A rock to climb.  Then another.

A cliff.

We’re a little too high now.

A rusty-red puddle.

The sound of wind in the thousand-mile-field.


Mindfulness, they call this; the act of focusing on the present moment.

I call it a Quiet Adventure. 

And it is all so quiet and so beautiful I cannot breathe. 

I cannot breathe so I take big, cavity-filling breaths.  

Imprinting the scent and textures on my soul.  

Consuming it in thirsty eyefuls.  

Scooping it up and tucking it in

and asking it to stay with me.


I walked through a field that was wholly unfamiliar to me.  

But I knew myself in it.  I knew that I would be brave.

I knew I would let it change me.



Music at the end written and performed by Half Measure

INSIDE SCOOP: What It’s Like to Live With An Artist (Hi Dan!) ;)

INSIDE SCOOP: What It’s Like to Live With An Artist (Hi Dan!) ;)

April 27, 2020

The Collective is OPEN!  The Collective is a membership designed to help Creatives and Artists grow and find more success in their business.  You create amazing work, now it's time to let that work GROW and make a beautiful impact in the world!


Learn more here


In this episode I get to talk with someone who is VERY important to me; my husband Daniel Jeffords!  

Dan and I met in art school and he is one of the most creative and inventive people I know.  He currently runs a software company called Earnnest that is seriously changing the way money moves in real estate.  The man is SO smart, kind, funny, and a total GEM.  He's been with me from the start of my career and is a huge voice in my head as I grow and evolve my business.  He is also generous with his thoughts and I think you're going to leave our time together feeling warm and inspired.  


Check out Daniel's company, Earnnest.

and his Instagram here (will you see some artwork on there...?) ;) 



Emily Jeffords

Creating During Covid

Creating During Covid

April 13, 2020

What does creativity look like during covid-19? ⁣
Is it quiet? ⁣
Is it lonely? ⁣
Is it an escape? ⁣
Is it a home within a home?
Is it a way to scream without sound? ⁣
Is it a balm? ⁣
Is it a memory of the past? ⁣
Is it hope? ⁣


The role of an artist is to feel and translate the things we are seeing, feeling, and receiving into something we can all see and feel and receive.

But, creating during hardship can be hard.
Or easy.
Or it might make you feel guilty.
Or it might bring you peace.

Whatever you’re feeling when you step into your home art studio is valid and the world WILL return to normal again soon

Because this time can be especially lonely for many of us, I thought I would read some of the words of our fellow artists and creatives.

I hope they bring you some comfort and maybe you feel less alone as we work through this time together.


If you're looking for a little added inspiration and clarity during this time, the Artist's Success Guide is FOR YOU.  A transparent look at growth as a creative entrepreneur, honest conversations about how it feels to create the business out of nothing, steps to take, things to focus on, reading lists, and honest advice from someone who's been there.  

Get the Guide HERE. 

Time to Set Up an Inspiring (and Safe) Home Studio

Time to Set Up an Inspiring (and Safe) Home Studio

April 10, 2020

A few tips for setting up a functional at-home studio:

First and foremost, make sure the supplies you are using are SAFE.  Do not use toxic materials in your home.  

I've created a free guide to help with that.  Get the Studio Setup Guide.


Once you're ready to set up your studio space, keep these tips in mind:

  • Make your home studio an easily accessible space but not in a space that will impede normal life.  I bought a little table on Amazon and set it up in the corner of my living room.

  • Have a variety of art supplies on hand.  Feeling free and explorative is always important, but especially right now!  Gather all the mediums you think you might want and bring them into your home studio space.  
  • Tupperware bins.  Keep all the paints and supplies out of reach and contained (especially if you have little ones!) 
  • Jars with lids for all the liquids and to store brushes.  Spaghetti sauce jars, fancy mason jars... 
  • Dedicated cabinets and drawers.

You might need to change what or how you create to make working-from-home a viable option -- especially if you're used to working in a separate studio space.  

  • Work smaller if needed
  • Get a table easel if you prefer to work vertically or use two nails in a wall and hang your canvas directly on the wall 
  • Use your walls as drying space or storage (plus, you get a house full of art! Woohoo!)


Ok, so we have the materials gathered and stored, the space set up, but how do you get anything done at home.

  • Communicate with your people.  Let your roommates, kids, partner, friends... everyone around you know about your planned creative sessions.  Block out 60 or 90 minutes, schedule a painting-afternoon, etc.  Just be clear and let them know what to expect so you can all work in harmony together.
  • Tell little kids that this studio space is only for mama (yes, even 2-year olds). 
  • Share your longer-term vision, aspirations, and plans with your partner so they can support you in them. 

Ok, so your space is set up, functional, safe, and everyone is letting you create, but it feels lonely...  I get it.  Creativity is usually a lone-act, but it shouldn't feel isolating.  When that feeling seeps in, I recommend finding ways to bring some warmth into your space.  

  • Engage with the creative community and help this space feel alive and communal

    • Host an Instagram Live while in your creative space
    • Hop on zoom with a few artist friends and just create alongside each other.  
    • Organize an online craft or bad-art night


Most of all, be gentle with yourself.  If you're feeling inspired in this space, then AWESOME!  If not, then that's fine.  But don't allow the inaccessibility of your creative space be to the reason you don't create.  Make your space as welcoming and accessible as possible and I can bet that this self-isolating season will fly by just a bit faster.  


And remember to get the Studio Setup Guide.


PS. I'll be hosting a live ink making workshop with my friend Tanya Val on Tuesday (April 14th) at 3:00 pm eastern time.  Join us on Instagram!  @Emily_Jeffords

What Does This Make Possible?  Can COVID-19 Bring Beauty?

What Does This Make Possible? Can COVID-19 Bring Beauty?

March 19, 2020

As concerns about the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 increase, I wanted to personally reach out to you and offer some honest thoughts.   


I understand how scary and uncertain this time can feel, and the news is so loud and deeply unhopeful.  


However, though the whole world feels a little (a lot) crazy, I hope that you are able to transform this storm into a season of GROWTH, TRANSFORMATION, and (dare I say) EXPANSION!  


I know this pandemic is causing pain across the globe.  

  •  People are sick and scared; they are hungry and desperate.
  • I am watching many of my dearest friends who are small business owners scramble and wrestle with some huge questions as they try their best to stay open and profitable while also safe (and I know their story is being repeated a million times over in each of our communities.) 
  • Low-income households and those that work in retail or service industry are feeling another layer of pain and fear through all of this.
  • Heroic medical personnel around the world are literally putting themselves at risk for each of us...  We're all hurting, if we're aware enough to notice. 



I am also watching our society shift and recenter.

We are going home.

We are spending time with loved ones.

We have the space to trying new things.

People around us are longing for clarity, peace, and HOPE.


So, I ask again, what does this make possible?


What does the time at home make possible? 

How can you grow and evolve intentionally during this strange season?

Is fear going to derail your success?  

Are you going to be quickly overwhelmed?

Is the news going to clutter your mind so much that Inspiration is silenced?





Are you going to create something you will be proud to look back on?

Are you going to learn skills that will help you progress & grow?

Are you going to help those around you?

Are you going to make amazing memories with your loved ones?



"What does this make possible?"


When Stu (my mentor) asked this question last week, my first thought was to stubbornly dig in my heels and say, "There's nothing to change! We're doing great! I can't add another thing to my already full plate."


... But then, I realized that there are things to change.  Not everyone is doing great.


Sure, maybe my family is healthy, and we are totally set up to hibernate all spring if needed, but my job as an artist is to bring hope and connection to others.  

My job as an educator is to offer hope and clarity to others.  

My job as an employer is to be as constant and supportive as possible (maybe I can even hire a few people in need during this time).    


So, welcome to my new spring plans.  


Rather than traveling to the UK with my girls (we'll hopefully do that later this year), I am pouring my energy into those that need it more.  


Because, guys, I have an ENORMOUS amount of hope.  I feel it welling up in my heart constantly.  


I want to share that hope with you.


Art, community, support...


You in?  Stay tuned.  


We're changing our plans this spring and they are 100% intended to help you grow and feel as hopeful as I do!


Most exciting, THE COLLECTIVE is opening a month early!  The Collective is a membership, mentorship, and community for creatives and artists and it is basically my FAVORITE place on the internet.  So nourishing, informative, and warm.   Join us.  

Because of the deep need for clarity and GROWTH in the creative community, I'm opening the membership a month early!  And, to make it even sweeter, I'm reducing this first month from $29 to $9!  Yes.  NINE DOLLARS!  

Join us.

Join us and grow.  





February 25, 2020

It's time to share your work with the world -- but HOW?

Get all the notes and PDFs in this dedicated, thoughtful email series.  GET IT HERE.


How can you create work that has great weight and meaning in the world?  How can you meet collectors?  How can you establish a brand around your work (and do you even want that?).


In this episode, we're going to dig in and figure out how to define your work and bring it to the world in a way that is so deeply attractive and so welcoming to your ideal customers.


  • Verbalize the message you feel strongly that the world needs to hear
  • Acknowledge that your work is valuable and your IDEAL audience wants to appreciate it (this might not be their current audience, but you can and will find and attract them with the right actions)
  • Understand that there is a collector base/customers/audience out there for you. With direction and clarity, you can and WILL attract that audience

Your work is with the clarity, focus, and love needed to bring it to the world elegantly and consistently.  


Listening before Feb 26th?  JOIN MAKING ART WORK!  It is a 12-week course that is designed to help Creative Entrepreneurs THRIVE.  


Emily Jeffords

fine artist & educator

The Lies we Believe (+ practical, honest TRUTH to overcome those lies)

The Lies we Believe (+ practical, honest TRUTH to overcome those lies)

February 18, 2020

There are a lot of lies that rattle around our heads and sink into our hearts -- some chosen, some given.  In this video, we dispel these common lies so fast, and so completely that, hopefully, their hold on you, on US, will be massively diminished.  


Before we dive in, here are a few links you might want!

Join the Share the Work CHALLENGE!  Facebook will be the home-base for the content but I'll also be sharing the prompts via email as well.  



Want some extra-pretty graphics and images to share on your IG Story?  
Here ya go!



Ok, and with that, let's start busting some lies!


Lie No. 1:
Your worth as a human is directly tied to the success of your work 

Nope.  Don't listen to this sneaky, toxic lie.  You are always worthy and beautiful. The success of your work does not play any part in your value, however, I understand why it might feel that way at times. Let’s get to the heart of THAT longing: You want your work to be valued. And it hurts when it’s not. I get it.

And again, let’s get to the heart of the issue:

Any lack of “success” you might be feeling in your work can be very strategically tied to one of three things

An issue with the offer 
Is the work good? 
Is it resonating with your viewer? 
Does it resonate with you? 
go back to episode 2 and listen with your whole heart if you sense this might be the issue) 

An issue with your AUDIENCE

Are there enough eyes on your work?
Are they the right eyes? 
If this area is the issue, work to get your art in front of your idea collectors!

An issue with your marketing

Are you speaking to them in a way that inspires them? 
Is the messaging around it effective? 
Are your calls to action inspiring and attractive? 
If this is the area is the issue, then go back to the 4th video and massive up-level you marketing! You are the best representative your artwork will ever have in this world. Allow your work to the radiant. 

Lie No. 2: The artworld is too noisy and my work will not be seen

What makes you different? 
The fact that the art world is getting busier is a GOOD THING for creatives
We are reshaping culture — the more artists thriving and active online and offline, the more comfortable and receptive the collector community will be! 

Lie No. 3: My creative work could never fund my lifestyle anyways

Back it up: How much money do you need to live? 40k? 100k? 200k? 
How many pieces of art or designs or products do you need to create to meet that goal?  Break your year down into seasons - how much do you need to create in order to meet your income goals each season

Download The Artist's Year of Growth and simply work out the math, glad the goals, and let your gorgeous work do the rest!


Lie No. 4: My audience is tired of seeing what I’m making
Then why are they following you?
My audience is following me BECAUSE they want to see what I’m creating
How are they showing up when you share your work online and in-person?
They are freaking in love with you!


Lie No. 5: This isn’t dependable
The main reason this lie get’s into our hearts is because we are unsure if we can depend on ourselves.


Once you learn to trust yourself, your inspiration, your habits, and your goals, you are able to trust your audience as well.  They’re here for you — but they want you to lead them into a more beautiful path.  SHOW UP FOR YOURSELF but also SHOW UP FOR THEM



5 Ways to Get the Attention of Collectors

5 Ways to Get the Attention of Collectors

February 14, 2020

So far we’ve talked about The 3 things you must know to sell art online, how to know if your art is worth selling, and TODAY, I’m sharing 5 super practical, actionable tips that you can use to support your work in the world.

Marketing your art in 2020 is very different than marketing in 2010, 1980, 1800, 1600...  We have had to evolve exponentially as Creative Entrepreneurs.  We have SO much freedom and creative control over our work and careers.  The ability to meet collectors on our own -- the ability to grow and expand our work as we would like...  it's all very exciting!


Wondering where you can go to meet all these amazing, elusive collectors? 

Let's talk about marketing your work in 2020!   


If I were to choose only 5 areas to market, it would be these:


Email Marketing

ake your studio list a vibrant and exciting place.  Share behind the scenes, your inspiration, offer a peek inside your studio, stories and insights...  This is an intimate space! 

Create a “studio email list” of people that are interested in you + your work

Nurture those people with a beautiful “welcome sequence” — a collection of 2-10 emails that are automatically sent to your subscribers sharing:

Send early access to artwork or collections


Show up on Instagram as a fine artist

Understand why you are there and why you are posting.

Share your work beautifully and consistently: photograph it well (more on this in the Share the Work Challenge — then a LOT more in MAW)

Share your work regularly (1/6 at least)



Pinterest is one of the VERY best places to share your work as a visual creative!

Pins tend to mature over age and offer benefits to your work 1-12 months after they are pinned.

Pinterest ads are also something to consider if you're ready to invest some $$ and thought into marketing.

Pin your work directly to Pinterest from the listing or blog post.  Also, pin your Instagram posts!  Why not reuse that glorious content?


Work with designers

Reach out to designers in your local community and offer them a trade discount (10-20% off).  You can also request or barter for amazing photographs!  

I didn't mention this in the video, but you can also with designers to rent your artwork for staged homes.  Some wonderful passive income!  

Commercial designers: restaurants, offices, hotels...


Go Offline

Find ways to share your work OFF the internet (art shows, galleries, craft fairs...)

One in-person meeting is worth at least 10 online meetings.  Be warm, welcoming, intentional, and get ready to welcome new people into your community!

I hope this video has spurred so many ideas and points of clarity.  


If you have enjoyed the Share The Work series, please take a moment to share it on IG!  

There’s a special bundle of beautiful images right down here that you can use!

Download a beautiful image or graphic and SHARE on your IG Stories! 







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How Do You Know If Your Work is Worth Selling…?

How Do You Know If Your Work is Worth Selling…?

February 12, 2020

How do you know if your work is "worth selling"?  In this video, I break down exactly how I evaluate my work, my collections, and my voice in the world.  

While this title might sound intimidating, keel listening!  I think you're going to find that your creativity WANTS TO REWARD YOU.  It wants you to be successful.  It wants to live boldly and beautifully in the world.  


10 tips for evaluating your work

  1. Does it resonate with you?
  2. Does the concept excite you?
  3. Can you sit with it in peace for a few moments?
  4. Did it feel good to create on an emotional and physical level?
  5. Did you enjoy the creative process?
  6. Were your motives pure in the creation phase?  If you are creating from a place of peace and abundance, the work will reflect that.
  7. Do you enjoy living around the work? If I can spend time with the work then I am proud to sell it
  8. Does it feel true to your vision, worldview, and voice?
  9. With all the history you have accumulated as an observer, how does this match up? Is it a rough first attempt? Is it a masterpiece? Something in the middle?
  10. Does it feel different from everything else you've seen?  We’re all drawing from the same big, beautiful pot of inspiration. However, draw upon that inspiration from your own perspective.  Pursue originality! It is worth the struggle, learning curve, and the pursuit of purity!




"This course [Making Art Work] was so unbelievably comprehensive, it really didn’t miss the mark on anything. My website is new and stunning and I feel like I have all the tools to kickstart this adventure immediately. In fact, a few weeks into the course I decided to quit my day job. Thanks to the course I have a plan and I’m feeling confident in myself in a way I never did before." -- Maria Wigge


Join the Share the Work Challenge!  We begin on Feb 12th! 



Download a beautiful image or graphic and SHARE on your IG Stories! 







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3 Things You Need to Know to SELL Your Art

3 Things You Need to Know to SELL Your Art

February 10, 2020

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO WATCH THE VIDEO SERIES, you still can!  The videos are live until Feb 25th, 2020.

Watch "Share The Work" here


WANT TO LEARN MORE ABOUT MAKING ART WORK?  This is my signature 12-week course for Creative Entrepreneurs and it is full of all the goodness and direction you need to thrive in your creative career.  



Began simply but with a vision.

  1. Your website is your gallery, but start simple. Less is more and the most important thing is that you share your gorgeous work with the world. Don’t let a website hold you back (that’s what MAW is for — hint hint)
  2. Your collectors won’t find you unless you invite them into your gallery (marketing, social presence, art shows, craft fairs, gallery shows, email marketing… use your compelling storytelling, showing up on behalf of your work because it is worth your support and love).
  3. Your work will only be attractive if you are actively attracting people to your work (story, brand vibe + photography)

The key to attracting people to your work is twofold:


You are selling so much more than a painting or a pot or a shirt or photograph. You are selling a lifestyle. You’re selling connection. You’re selling a way of being in the world. You’re selling a FEELING. A STORY.

Daisy Faith: "I’m now on day 19 of 100-day project. Since the start of project I’ve sold 3 of those paintings. I’ve received 3 commissions, 2 of which I’ve completed and one big one I’m about to start. Also, one more commission request directly connected to the 100-day project."

It’s fine to be a wandering generalization but it’s much more helpful if you can be a meaningful specific (Seth Godin)



this expands way beyond the artwork itself — we get into that in MAW but it includes your fonts, colors, photography, booth displays at art shows, business cards… everything that surrounds your work needs to ELEVATE your art.)


Erika Haskett: "Finally figured out how to combine my photography & paintings under one Instagram account & have been loving it, learned a ton about myself and how/what/why I create, have gained more opportunities since I’ve been in a much better mind state thanks to this course, have just overall learned a ton & am so grateful for this course!!<3"

Ella Stonefield: "I used to share every bit of inspiration that came my way but I realized that I was scattered, my art was scattered, and my audience had no clue what was going on! Really defining my collection themes, brand vibe and how I want to show up in the world made all the difference in my business. We’re talking $$$! I just sold my first actual collection and it made more income than my whole first year at my job!"


Coming up:

How Do You Know If Your Art Is Worth Selling?

5 Ways to Share Your Work To Get the Attention of Collectors.

5 Lies Artists Believe (+5 Ways to Overcome Those Blocks)


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