I have a treat for you today! I recorded a conversation with my pal Laurie Anne Gonzalez about creating PRINTS!

  • Photograph or scan?
  • In-house printing or out-sourced printing?
  • Canvas or paper?
  • Limited edition or open edition?
  • How do I get the right file size?
  • What kind of camera or scanner should I use?
  • Do prints devalue your work?



Prints have been a huge source of revenue for my business and I would absolutely NOT have the healthy studio I do today without offering reproductions of my work.

If you're ready to begin or grow this part of your studio practice, I highly recommend Art To Print. Laurie Anne takes you through each and every step of the process -- from easel to print to packaging. It is a thorough, clear, and insightful course and I know it's going to change your business!


Sign up for Art To Print HERE.


Also, THE COLLECTIVE opens for enrollment on Monday!  August 24th - 31st.  JOIN US.  This space is designed to help creatives and artists thrive.   Learn more HERE.

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