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8. How to upgrade your photography and attract higher sales. Now! — 12 Days of Christmas

December 1, 2020

The BIGGEST way to impact your marketing + how your creative work is perceived in the world is via your PHOTOGRAPHY!  

Want to upgrade your website?  Take better photos.  Want to improve your Instagram?  Better photos!  More profitable listings?  Yep, better photos.


Need some extra advice?  Keep listening!

Want some help editing your own photos?  I got you!  I created two sets of presets just for Artists and Creatves!  Get the presets here


Your work is beautiful. It brings light and joy to those who see it.
And who doesn’t want to share light and joy this holiday season?

This series is dedicated to sharing TWELVE ways that you can find more clarity, more profit, more sales, and more JOY this season! 


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In this 36 page guide, we will cover every aspect of running a thriving, profitable, and sustainable holiday season. This guide is written and design by an artist for artists.  $10 and applicable year after year.



Want to see some amazing beauty?  The Collective Holiday Pop Up is OPEN!  Come on by and check it out!  The Collective Pop Up features the work of 82 Creatives and there is something for everybody.  

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