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Began simply but with a vision.

  1. Your website is your gallery, but start simple. Less is more and the most important thing is that you share your gorgeous work with the world. Don’t let a website hold you back (that’s what MAW is for — hint hint)
  2. Your collectors won’t find you unless you invite them into your gallery (marketing, social presence, art shows, craft fairs, gallery shows, email marketing… use your compelling storytelling, showing up on behalf of your work because it is worth your support and love).
  3. Your work will only be attractive if you are actively attracting people to your work (story, brand vibe + photography)

The key to attracting people to your work is twofold:


You are selling so much more than a painting or a pot or a shirt or photograph. You are selling a lifestyle. You’re selling connection. You’re selling a way of being in the world. You’re selling a FEELING. A STORY.

Daisy Faith: "I’m now on day 19 of 100-day project. Since the start of project I’ve sold 3 of those paintings. I’ve received 3 commissions, 2 of which I’ve completed and one big one I’m about to start. Also, one more commission request directly connected to the 100-day project."

It’s fine to be a wandering generalization but it’s much more helpful if you can be a meaningful specific (Seth Godin)



this expands way beyond the artwork itself — we get into that in MAW but it includes your fonts, colors, photography, booth displays at art shows, business cards… everything that surrounds your work needs to ELEVATE your art.)


Erika Haskett: "Finally figured out how to combine my photography & paintings under one Instagram account & have been loving it, learned a ton about myself and how/what/why I create, have gained more opportunities since I’ve been in a much better mind state thanks to this course, have just overall learned a ton & am so grateful for this course!!<3"

Ella Stonefield: "I used to share every bit of inspiration that came my way but I realized that I was scattered, my art was scattered, and my audience had no clue what was going on! Really defining my collection themes, brand vibe and how I want to show up in the world made all the difference in my business. We’re talking $$$! I just sold my first actual collection and it made more income than my whole first year at my job!"


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